Product Specifications


We construct the base frame using a minimum 150mm x 50mm structural grade c16 pressure treated timber. This is placed on our timber framed base pads, which sit on either existing concrete bases or mini pile foundations that are drilled and filled by our skilled team. This minimises the cost and need for heavy digging machinery as well as causing minimum disruption and impact on your garden.

For trickier areas such as slopes, we offer specialist foundations and bases. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.


Our walls are constructed using minimum Structural Grade c16 treated timber. They are then fully insulated using 50mm insulation slab.

All exterior walls are then wrapped in a breathable membrane; this allows natural moisture to leave the structure without allowing water in, eliminating possible damp problems. We then clad in one of a variety of wood such as Western Red Cedar, Larch, Redwood or Thermowood (Scandinavian Redwood).


We have two methods of roof construction depending on the client’s requirements.
The first method is timber-framed using c24 structural grade timber. This is then over-boarded using structural Orient Strand Board (OSB). Once the roof is boarded we overlay a rubber membrane called EDPM, this provides a seamless fully waterproof covering with an expected lifespan of at least 25 years.

The second method uses fully insulated roof panels called CIPS, Composite Insulated Panels. These are large, steel, corrugated sheets that interlock providing a fully watertight seal. These can be ordered in a variety of colours.


All our interior walls and ceiling are plaster boarded with 12.5mm plasterboard and plaster-skim finished. We can also offer a variety of non-standard finishes such as timber cladding, acoustic sound deadening and decorative wall panelling.


All garden rooms are wired by our qualified electricians. This will include as standard: 4 LED downlights (a choice of 3 finishes, chrome, brushed chrome, white), 2 double sockets and 1 light switch (inside lights and outside) at the required locations, 2 exterior wall lights or 3 exterior downlights dependant on the style of garden room.
Everything will be wired to a small 2-way consumer unit ready to be connected to house electrics. We can install extra components of the above at the client’s request.

Doors and windows

All doors and windows are UPVC with a selection of colours, anthracite on the exterior, with white inside is the most popular. All glass is thermal-efficient tempered glass for safety. Doors are supplied with multi-point locking systems. Door/window handles also come in a selection of finishes: chrome, brushed chrome, white or brass.

Painted finishes

All our cladding comes pre-treated and doesn’t require any preservatives once installed. However, you can choose from a selection of colours when ordering. These can be pre-painted in our factory.