Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or require clarification on any issue please call or email.

Where are SmartSpaces Garden Rooms made?

The garden room is built in the UK. The timber structure is fabricated in our workshop in Wakefield and then shipped to the client’s site where the install team takes over. The only items we import are our sustainably-sourced Western Red Cedar and European Redwood cladding.

Do I need planning permission for my new garden room?

No. All of our garden buildings have been designed to comply with the permitted development rights and fall below the 2.5m height restriction and occupy less than 30m 2 internal area.

You may need to seek planning permission advice if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a national park, world heritage site or a conservation area. Out-buildings are not a permitted development in the grounds of a listed building and would require planning permission.

Can you adjust the size and layout of your garden room?

Absolutely! We work closely with our clients and take pride in being flexible. We build to any size and layout, offering various options and a bespoke service to ensure that your garden room perfectly suits your needs.

Can I use it as an accommodation unit?

No, this would require planning permission approval and building control regulations and would also invalidate your 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Do you install in my area?

Yes! Absolutely! Our team of professional fitters install garden rooms across the length and breadth of mainland UK and have shipped completed garden rooms as far as Jersey.

What guarantees are offered with SmartSpaces garden rooms?

We are so confident of our buildings that we offer a 10-year guarantee as standard with every garden room.

Where can I site my garden room?

Pretty much anywhere! In your garden, to the side or rear of your main residence, in other words: anywhere behind the building line (an imaginary line that was drawn across the front elevation of your home when it was constructed).

A garden space is intended to be a separate stand-alone building, it cannot be attached to the main building and cannot be an extension of the existing dwelling. It can be placed up to 0.6m from your boundary.

Can I have any size/height?

To be a permitted development your building needs to:

Should the garden room be positioned on flat, level ground?

In a perfect world, yes. However, our unique piling system can compensate for differences in ground level and slopes. In fact, our sub-frame and pile system can bridge from concrete slab to soil and compensate for differences in height.

Can I have a garden room, if my garden has a slope?

Subject to inspection, our piling system and sub-frame can be adapted to deal with a sloping site.

What maintenance will my garden space need?

All of the materials have been selected to offer the best lifespan and to be virtually maintenance-free. Our timbers have not only been selected for their appealing appearance but also for their decay-resistant properties, and as such should have an expected 30+ year lifespan, 50 years for Western Red Cedar.

All wood will naturally fade to a grey, silver/grey over time. However, if you want to keep a new-look finish to the outside of your building, then you will need to instigate a maintenance regime and regularly re-apply appropriate protective coatings.

The gutters will need to be kept clear, as with any building. We would recommend twice a year.

The vegetation around the building should be kept under control, as it is important to maintain an airflow around and under the building so that any moisture can evaporate.

With a normal cleaning regime, your garden living space should be as good as new for many years to come.

Do I have to prepare the base?

Ideally, the intended location of the garden room should be clear of vegetation and reasonably level. If there are any major pre-installation works required this would be agreed upon and confirmed with you during a site visit.

How do I connect my garden room to mains electricity?

Your garden room will have its own consumer unit and is wired in compliance with Part “P” electrical installation regulations. However, you will need to provide a suitable connection to your main consumer unit (fuse board). The mains supply from your house will need to be carried out by a local electrician, in compliance with current regulations, before installation of the building. SmartSpaces can quote for this work, but it may be more economical for you to source this locally.

Is my deposit protected?

An insurance-backed guarantee protects your deposit.

Can I customise my building to my exact specification?

Yes, SmartSpaces provide a design service which ensures your exact specification is met.